Glas-Komerc-Saradnja-w1GLAS KOMERC offers various types of glass and glass processing services for more than 50 years.
We have glazed numerous objects, develop partnership with companies from various businesses, built trust with our suppliers, distributors, buyers, both from our country and the world as well.
Our products can be found on numerous residential or business premises, industrial facilities, public and tourist buildings. Quality assurance are also numerous reference projects in Germany, France, Croatia…
For detailed information about our partnership and customers, please visit PROJECTS page or contact us.


IF YOU ARE GLAZIER and want to attract new customers with wider range of glasses and various treatments – we would like to offer you partnering conditions for all of our products and services.

IF YOU ARE DOORS & WINDOWS MANUFACTURER – we offer you widest range of glasses and treatments as well as thermal panels built upon your specification, with reliable deadlines and professional service.

IF YOU ARE FURNITURE MANUFACTURER – we offer you widest range of float, decorative, coloured or tempered glasses,
with finest professional treatment upon your specification, ready for assembly.

IF YOU OFFER BATHROOM EQUIPMENT – you can make unique offer with our tailor made shower cabins and beautiful mirrors.

IF YOU ARE ARCHITECT – we offer you unique possibility to enhance your projects with all kinds of glazing solutions and modern decorating treatments.

IF YOU ARE INVESTOR OR CONTRACTOR – we offer you partnering contract on all glazing projects, with best cooperation conditions.


Glas-Komerc-Saradnja-w2Achieving professional level results is not a matter of individual qualities but rather outcome of a highly skilled and well synchronized team.
Production facilities on more than 1000 square meters, advanced modern machines for glass treatment, certified team – stand for QUALITY ASSURANCE.
Decades of successful cooperation with re-known suppliers from around the world provide BEST TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
Expertise developed through generations makes knowledge base for FINDING BEST SOLUTIONS according to customer needs.
We have a significant stock, large warehouse, diverse vehicles to provide FAST, FLEXIBLE & RELIABLE DELIVERY.
Please, find more detailed information on cooperating possibilities on our OUR OFFER page or contact us.