Low-E glass perform significantly better than common float glass when we need to keep the room temperature. The name comes from its characteristics – “Low Emissivity” i.e. reduction of emissivity both from inside and outside the room.
Low-E glass reflect invisible ultra-violet (UV) part of the light thus reducing the room heating when is hot outside. They also reflect the UV reys from the inside, which reduces the cost for heating during cold periods. In several last decades, ultra violet emissivity is amplified, so Low-E glass protects health of the tenanats, also.

Emissivity is reduced with ultra/thin glass coating which preservers transparency but enhances insulation qualities. There are hard and soft coatings. Hard coating is applied during the manufacturing process and becomes a part of the glass surface. Such Low-E glass is persistant to scratching durung transport or processing. Soft coatings are aplied through lamination process and have significant better insulation characteristics. Such Low-E glass perform better but should be emebedded in termo-panels filled with argon.


Savings for heating and cooling are
very important, especially for large premises. According to the Law for efficient energy use, every large building should have so called “green passport” – approval that saving recommendations were taken into account during project preparement and building.
The Law recommendations are irrevocable for public buildins ( especially ones thar are financed from the state budget ), production buildings ( so companies can remain competitive ), retail premises ( to control sales costs )… Such buildings are obliged to more expensive electric energy, to improve energetic efficiency as soon as possible.


For larger glass parts of the facades we recommend HP Low-E glass which mirrors the building environment.

Depending of the project, glass facades can completely or partially cover the building. Refelection of HP Low-E glass stops the sight form outside and gives a wide view from the inside.
This combination is ideal for atractive business premises or exclusive showrooms.


Large glass surfaces in public buildings or business premises, usually have both decorative and informative function. For such purposes, you can combine Low-E glass with decorative or frosted glass with appropriate mitifs – company’s logo, advertising message or informative signs. Depending on the buidling style, you can choose from our wide range of decorative glass or choose motif to be applied with frosting or etching.


According to your specification, we produce all kinds and shapes of termo panels with Low-E glass for windows, doors or facades. You can learn more on our THERMAL PANELS page.