Mirrors are unique glass decoration that gives specific charme to all our interiors. Mirrors change our perception of space, making rooms larger or more dynamic.
Mirroring surface comes from silver nitrate from the back side of the glass, usually protected with metal and colour coating. Depending on glass colour, mirrorign reflection can have pleasant bronze, grey, blue or green tone which makes unique room atmosphere.


Depending on your imagination or style, you can exploit decorative use of mirrors in endless ways. They can be attached on walls, doors and windows or embedded as furniture parts… Mirrors change the way we perceive room space, making smaller rooms or narrow halls spacier and lighter.
We can bevel their edges and treat surface for exclusive and stylish impression of your living or working space.


We can cut all kind of shapes according to your ideas and make safety or decorative edge treatment.

We offer all kinds of mirror edges and surface decoration – beveling, frosting, machine or manual art engraving of every visual motif you choose.